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Welcome to SahMall Online Shopping Store !

Return policy

In order   SahMall to provide a unique customer experience with our products, we allow the customer to request replacement or refund.
Purchased through us, the refund or replacement process is subject to the following provisions and rules
Retrieval and replacement rules
Refund and replacementperiod:  

The customer has the right to request a replacement or refund within 10 days of receiving the order, and the application is submitted after
Communicate with us through the channels available through the Store (tel. 962787140402,WhatsApp sign)..

Replacement or refund for a reason due to thecustomer:

 If the return or replacement is due to the customer, then the customer will bear the shipping costs back and forth.

In cases of offers or if the shipping is free of charge for items specified

by the store, the customer wishes to return and will bear.   Customer shipping costs back and forth

Replacement and refund due to an error from the store or the receipt of a wrongorder:

in this case the store will bear the costs of return or replacement

- Perfumes:: The customer is given a free trial within ten strokes depending on the product, or the free sample experience as it is available, and is not allowed to replace
Product recovery is not permittedif use exceeds the limits of the free trial

- Terms of replacement and retrieval of other products:

The store accepts the replacement or retrieval of other products with conditions
 - that the product be in its condition and that the customer keeps the product packaging
- do not use the product in any way or get from it any benefit
 - that the product is not damaged or injured by any defect as a result of poor preservation by the user

- Price difference in replacement::

If the customer's replacement request is accepted, the store will take into account the price difference between the producers, if
The product to be replaced was priced more than the desired product and the store will refund the price difference by the same means of payment, but if
The desired product is priced more than the product to be replaced so the customer is committed to completing the payment through our approved payment methods.
The period of return of the amount to the customer after the approval of the replacement or refund request will be within 3 working days


  • Due to some restrictions and some health reasons, these products cannot be returned:


  • Swimwear, beauty products, and underwear.
  • Vouchers.


The process of obtaining and returning products:


  • When SahMall your purchases from our processing department are checked and confirmed, your amount will be processed and automatically returned to your credit card within 10 to 14 business days.
  • If the products received are not part of your order, are not approved for description or have a malfunction upon receipt, we will collect the products from wherever you select.
  • For orders to purchase by PayPal,in the case of payment orders upon receipt, the payments will be refunded through vouchers and are valid for one year and any bank transfer will be.

Replacement: We apologize for any problem with the request, please note that replacing the pieces at a different size is possible only if the required size is available on the site, please provide us with the name of the piece to be replaced and we will send a follow-up to the replacement section to make a request for the new size required, an employee of the delivery company will be sent to take the replacement piece and then send the new product with the delivery company, please be aware that the replacement service is only once per request and then you can return the pieces.