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Privacy Policy

The introduction of
""SahMall" takes into account the protection of your personal data, and this is our priority, so we have formulated this privacy policy to clarify all the data that we may deal with, the limits of this transaction and all legitimate and legal practices that we may be conducting. Therefore, please read this policy with due  


first: definitions in this policy, and unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have the meanings referred to."   
The user, "you" or "proprietary conscience of the addressee": means the person who visits the store, uses it, registers a member of the store, or enters into this agreement or any of its sections with us."."
The customer refers to every natural or moral person (enterprise, company, any commercial or non-commercial entity) who requests to purchase our products for sale through the Store."."
Products refer to  clothing, electronics, accessories and other products for sale through the store.."
The regulations refer to the regulations in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  ."
The policy refers to this document and its terms and conditions.."
"Data refers to all data collected about the user during the registration or use of the Store, during the request for payment for products or during the request for shipment, or those that the user provides us at any time or data about the peripherals used by the user..
Second: The data we collect about you may be collected by the
SahMall store, and some of your data may be collected and processed, as follows:    
The data you provide us while registering your store account may include (name, city, email, mobile number).

2. The data you provide to us while you are registering (order to purchase products/request payment/shipping request) through the Store, which includes but not limited to (first name, last name, email, phone number, address, country, province, city, postcode)..
3 .    The data you provide us while communicating with you through the Store, for any reason.
 4. The data you provide to us during your order returns or replaces the products..
5. The data you provide us while promoting products and submitting offers through the store
.6 The data you provide us when you report a problem you encountered while using the store
.7 The data you provide to us when you report a problem in the store.
8.  The data you provide to us when you communicate with us or serve our customers for any reason.
9.The data you provide to us while you evaluate the services you received through our store.

Third: Cookies (cookie policy)
cookies "cookies" are small text files that are stored on your computer as soon as you visit the site "SahMall", which do not appear in the form of a program and do not carry viruses or spy techniques at all, and use these

cookies for the following gpurposes:

1 Cookies are used for the purpose of providing information, for example in the store some of the cookies we use to identify and fix errors.
2 Cookies help you find the information you need while using the Time Kart .com store.
3.Some cookies help you remember the pages and forms you see when you visit                      your SahMall."   .    
Cookies aim to improve the store's experience every time you visit or order products through.

5. There are cookies for pages posted on our website that are not affiliated with us, such as youTube video content  Youtube.com, and you know and agree that we do not control the cookies of such sites and you should access these sites and see their policies.
6.You can change your cookie preferences by accessing your device settings and choosing what's right for you..
Fourth: The limits of the use of your personal data we are always committed to
protecting your privacy, and therefore we use your personal data for the following purposes:
1.To enable you to buy our products and use our services optimally, always provide the best for you.
2.To process the data you provide through our services such as making sure that your email or phone number is active, usable and owned by you.
3. To locate your stay, ship products to you, follow up on the shipping process and solve all the problems facing shipping products.
 4. To communicate with you within the limits of our refund policy and process your refund request, and to respond to it.
5. To receive questions, complaints and inquiries from you, and to answer them, as well as to receive your comments and assessment of the service you received through our store, and to respond to them.
6. To provide you with information about the products and services you request through our store, and to process your answers to the questionnaires posted through  the store that you participated in.
7   To provide you with information about products that we believe are of interest to you, including our offers.
8 To customize the content, recommendations and ads that we and third parties provide to you, and for internal business purposes such as improving and updating our services.
9  To manage and process competitions and promotions.
10. To contact you about government communications, and to comply with regulatory and legal obligations.
11     For purposes disclosed at the time your information is provided, with your consent, and in accordance with this privacy policy.
12.At our sole discretion, we may contact you regarding changes to our privacy policy, terms of use or any of our other policy..
Fifth: Protecting user data
1.  The Store undertakes to retain your personal or banking data for the duration required by the nature of the transaction you make through the Store, and the Store undertakes not to deal with your personal data for unauthorized or free purposes with any other party unless required or authorized by us under the relevant regulations and instructions, or with  the prior written consent of the user to whom the information relates.
2    The  Store undertakes to maintain records containing the user's personal data or any electronic communications records, which are in our custody, under our control, with our agents or employees, and the Store undertakes to take reasonable steps, to ensure that the user's personal data, and related records, are protected in a security manner commensurate with their importance..
Sixth: Disclosure of your personal data
1.     You know and agree that the Internet is not a secure medium, and that the confidentiality of your data cannot be fully guaranteed.

2. For our part, we undertake within the legal lycies not to disclose or use your confidential data in contravention of your right to privacy.
3  We undertake not to trade or sell your data to third-world, but you give us the right to allow our employees to handle your personal data within the limits of service delivery..
4. We may disclose your personal data to any member of our group, which means our branches and institutions..
5. We may disclose your personal data to third parties:
If we sell the assets of
The SahMall Trading Company, or enter partners with us, here we disclose your data to the buyer or new partner.

Those who share services to protect against credit risk, fraud and electronic piracy.
If we are required to disclose or share your personal data in order to protect the rights, property, safety of the store, our employees or

6  We may disclose your personal data to comply with legal or contractual obligations in the following circumstances:
If we are required to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation or to enforce or enforce our 

terms, conditions or other agreement.  
If it comes to that, you should do so in the event that a decision is made

In the event that a general decision is made to oblige us to do so
Seventh: User commitment to confidentiality
1. The user undertakes to keep the store's secrets and other users' secrets, ask each of them in our encounter about any breach of the store's confidentiality and operations, and is obliged not to disclose any data related to the operation of the store to third parties, whether for a fee or for free.
2. The user is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of all data relating to the details of transactions through the Store, and not to use them in any way, and the user is held liable to contract and legal liability for any illegal or unauthorized use of suchdata.

3  The user is obliged to avoid following any means that will help collect data about other users, including email, mobile numbers and other means of communication..
In the first place, the government's actions are

1. We have the right to amend this policy at any time.
.2 If we amend this policy, we will update the "last updated date" above this document.
3 Continuing to use the store after the last update date means that you agree with the modifications and updates we have made..