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Terms And Conditions

Welcome to"  SahMall.  

First: Tariffs

In this Convention, unless the context requires otherwise, the terms referred to in this section have the meanings provided for in each term, as follows: "SahMall ", "Store", "Website", "We", "Conscience of the Speaker" or "Conscience of ownership": refers to the website  www. SahMall.com "User", "You" or "Proprietary Conscience of The Addresser":

Means the person who visits, uses the store, registers a member of the store, or enters into this agreement with us or any of its sections. "Customer" refers to every natural or moral person (enterprise, company, any commercial or non-commercial entity) requests to purchase our products for sale through the Store. "Products" refers to clothing, electronics, accessories and  other products for sale through the store. "Regulations" refer to the regulations in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan..

The "Agreement" refers to the terms and conditions set out in this document as well as the Store's privacy policy, all agreements between us and customers or users through electronic or non-electronic means of communication, as well as all instructions and directives issued by the Store Management at any time regarding the use of the Store or the use of our services.


Second: consent and legal capacity of individuals

1. The user acknowledges that he or she has full unrestricted legal capacity to enter into this agreement with us in accordance with the applicable regulations, and the user acknowledges that he was 18 years old at the time of joining this Agreement.
2. The user acknowledges that he does not have any symptoms of eligibility, that he has mental strength, that he is able to recognize and discriminate, and to engage in civil transactions. And commercial in accordance with applicable regulations.
3. The Store reserves the right to terminate the agreement, cancel or suspend membership if it is established to the store at any time that the user does not meet any of the previous conditions.
4. Individual approval of this agreement is required, and such consent is expressly declared, and the consent is expressly stated that the user is registered with us in the store, or by using the store, or by requesting to purchase the products or entering with us in any sale.

5. If access to this agreement is made by the user's representative, the deputy must provide us with the authorization or agency that demonstrates the user's authorization to enter us with us in this agreement.

6. If the employee is a minor and has not reached the legal age, he must enter into this agreement with us through a natural guardian, legal or judicial guardian.

Third: Approval and legal status of companies/institutions

1. Companies and institutions must enter with us in this agreement through the legal representative of these companies and institutions, and the legal representative of the commercial entity in this agreement shall enter with us at his own responsibility, and therefore he assumes all legal responsibilities in the event that he exceeds the powers delegated by the commercial entity.

2. Companies and institutions must carry out their activities in accordance with the applicable regulations, companies and institutions must obtain the necessary licenses and permits, be restricted in accordance with the regulations governing the trade, and have a commercial register of their activity in force at the time of entering into this agreement and for the duration of their continuation with us in this contractual relationship.

3. The Store reserves at any time to request all documents, papers, records and licenses that are proven to the legal status of companies and institutions that enter with us in this agreement, either during the registration process or at any time thereafter.

4. The commercial register or authorization issued by companies and institutions must clarify the powers that allow the legal representative to enter into this agreement with us.

Fourth: Digital signature

Your use of the store, your membership or your order to purchase our products is an electronic signature of this Agreement and is your express consent to all the terms and policies contained in it, and this agreement is effective in front of you as soon as you use the store and adheres to all obligations contained in it, as well as the privacy policy and all applicable provisions and terms

. Fifth: The streptococcal nature of the Convention

1. This agreement is the final agreement betweenSahMallonthe one hand, and anyone who visits, uses or requests to purchase products through it or uses any of its properties or features.

2. This agreement is a valid electronic contract, complete with legal conditions and pillars, with the same mandatory force for written contracts, effective against all parties mentioned, and its provisions and obligations are binding on all of them, and no one may dissociate or terminate them as long as they produce their legal effects.

3. All users and customers acknowledge that this agreement constitutes the entire agreement between them andSahMall,andhave agreed that they have not relied on any assurances, oral or written, in approving this agreement other than the provisions set out in it.

4. The description of the SahMall services and sub-pages that have been prepared by the store is an integral part of this agreement, and thecontracts that are complementary to this agreement signed with any users and customers are an integral part of it, and the terms and conditions of this agreement apply to this agreement, and is not linked to this agreement.

5. The amendments to this agreement have the same provision and legal effect of this agreement, and the additional provisions and policies have the same legal force as the agreement and the contracts signed in writing. Fourth: Digital signature Your use of the store, your membership or your order to purchase our products is an electronic signature of this Agreement and is your express consent to all the terms and policies contained in it, and this agreement is effective in front of you as soon as you use the store and adheres to all obligations contained in it, as well as the privacy policy and all applicable provisions and terms


  Membership and terms of use   First: Membership

1. The natural person must register in the store by his real name, and stay away from the use of any pseudonyms, not real or misleading.

Once you register as a natural person, you only represent yourself, the account is based on personal consideration.

2. The moral person in the store must register his or her trade name and stay away from the use of any unknown, untrue or misleading names. Once you register as a moral person, you acknowledge that you are the legal representative of that person.

3. The user is obliged not to use the name"SahMall"in their store membership.

4. The user is obliged to provide us with the data specified in the store membership registration form, which may include (name, email, city, phone  number).

5. The user undertakes to maintain the username and password associated with his account, and is obliged not to disclose it to third parties or authorize third parties to use their account in the Store without referring to us.

6. The user acknowledges the validity and accuracy of the data he has submitted to us on the store registration form, and undertakes to update that data whenever any changes or updates occur.

7. The Store reserves the full right to delete any membership that has not been activated within 30 days of registration, and the Store reserves the right to delete any inactive membership for 60 days.

Second: Terms of use

1. The store's services are available in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the user adheres to this agreement with its terms and conditions, as well as the user adheres to all regulations, regulations and decisions in force in

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


2. The user undertakes to check the accuracy when entering the information to be entered into the Store, and is responsible for periodically reviewing, modifying or renewing that information with the intention of correcting, modifying or renewing it whenever new information is available, but retaining all the data and documents that do so. .

3. If you provide incorrect, inaccurate, asynchronous or incomplete information, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that this information is incorrect, inaccurate, imperfect, incomplete or incompatible with this employment agreement, and without prejudice to any other rights under this Agreement or Law, we will suspend or revoke your membership.

4. The user acknowledges that he is fully responsible for any use made through his store account, including any communication with the store management or any purchase orders made by the user through the Store.

5. The user is obliged not to send any messages or contrary content through the communication services available through the Store, and is obliged not to send any material or malicious software, viruses, spyware files, penetration or other matters contrary to applicable regulations.

6. The user undertakes to notify the store immediately in case of breach, theft of the account or discovery of any illegal use of his account in the store, so that we can take the necessary technical measures to maintain the account.

7. The user is obliged to notify us if he discovers any illegal use of the store or any services, sales requests or credit cards.

8. The User acknowledges that, by agreeing to conclude this agreement, he will not rely on any other undertakings, guarantees or assurances by oron of the Orchid Palace store except as stipulated in this Agreement.

9. The use of the Orchid Palace store may be accompanied by the provision of third-party services or content, which are not under our control, and you therefore acknowledge that other privacy terms, conditions and policies apply to your use of the services and content of our non-affiliates. Terms and conditions of sale   First: The store's commitment to the)e-commerce system for 2019.. The store is keen at all times to implement the legal obligations approved by the executives in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the store announces its full commitment to the new e-commerce system, accordingly:

1. The store practices the trade in accordance with the regulations in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the store also practices all its activities after obtaining the necessary permits and licenses to practice electronic commerce, and to enter into this agreement with the customer.

2. The store provides services and products in accordance with the regulations in force in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the store announces prices clearly and explicitly, and pledges that these ads be legal, honest and expressive of the products advertised. 3. The store will deliver the products to the customer at the time of delivery agreed between the two parties, in accordance with the specifications announced on the sales page, and to be delivered in a professional manner in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

4. The Store adopts a privacy policy to ensure that customer and any store user's data is protected, and in this policy we explain all practices that we may perform on customer and user data.

Second: The terms and conditions of the client

1. The customer knows and agrees that the store is intended to sell our advertised products through the Store, and does not offer any products other than those available through the Store.

2. The customer undertakes to enter the store's pages and choose the products to be purchased and to specify them accurately before submitting the order.

3. The customer can purchase the products offered for sale through the store if these products are available and ready for sale.

4. The customer is obliged to pay for the advertised product through the Store, in the payment methods specified by the Store, in accordance with the approved payment policy.

5. The store has the right at any time to require the customer to provide data about himself as a place of residence or other data that facilitates the shipping process.

6. The shipment of products to the customer is done at the customer's request and in accordance with the store's shipping policy.

7. In case the customer refuses to receive the products in place of purchase on the delivery date specified by agreement between the store and the customer, here the store has the right to cancel the order and the customer will bear the shipping costs if any. 8. The customer undertakes not to dispose of the sale of the products in place of purchase until after paying the full price of the products in addition to the shipping fee, and undertakes to complete the payments in case of payment in part by mistake.

9. If the customer receives the products, he must verify their status and approval of the specifications as soon as they are received, and the store does not guarantee a defect that has been customary for tolerance.

10. The customer must notify the store of any defect he discovers in the products in accordance with the dates set in the refund policy, provided that the refund is carried out in accordance with the regulations established in our refund policy.

11. After receiving the products, the customer must comply with all regulations and instructions relating to their use or preservation.

12. Prior to the date of delivery of the products sold to the customer, and in the event that the customer violates these terms and conditions of sale, the store has the right to cancel this agreement, with effect immediately and without any notices or judicial announcements, with the store retaining the right to any appropriate compensation.

13. The customer complies with all the store's policies, including payment, shipping, refund and product use policies.

14. The customer is allowed to make assessments on sales, and the customer undertakes not to abuse this right and that the evaluations be honest and reflective of the performance of the service, and are in accordance with our evaluation policy.

15. The client must abide by all the provisions of the applicable laws, decrees and regulations.

16. In all cases, the customer undertakes to deal with the products for legitimate purposes, and to abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

Third: Terms and conditions of sale and purchase

1. The sale is done electronically in accordance with the availability of products at the store, and therefore the customer exempts the store from any liability in the event that the quantity of products required is not available at the store or the quantity is out of the way.

2. Products are provided in accordance with the specifications advertised in the sales pages across the store.

3. The Store is not obliged to provide any additional features or features of the products sold after delivery to the customer.

4. The store does not guarantee that the products meet all the customer's expectations, and therefore the customer accepts them in the condition at the time of purchase in accordance with the agreed specifications.

5. The store retains full ownership rights over the products sold to the customer until you receive the full purchase price of the products in the specified payment methods.

6. If the customer fulfills all his payment obligations and the store is unable to deliver the products to be purchased at the time of delivery, then the customer may give the store notice of termination of the sale.

7. At any time we may ask you for further verifications including the customer's full name, national id number, detailed address, phone number and other information that we may consider necessary to complete the sale.

8. The Store reserves at any time the right to reject or cancel orders if we cannot confirm the customer's information and address, or if the order is suspected to be causing fraudulent credit card risk.

9. The Store retains ownership of the content of the products and all images and visual files, and has the rights to publish it at any time.

10. The store does not guarantee the ability of the customer to market the products he buys through the store, nor does the store guarantee their popularity or profit from the resale, all due to the customer's marketing policy. Section 4 Payment, shipping and refund

  First: Payment policy

1. The products will be paid for in JD  by entering the product page, adding the product to the shopping cart, clicking on the purchase and then adding the required data for the payment process.

2. The customer must check the prices of the products and make the final decision on the purchase process before making the "purchase" process, and the customer knows and agrees that these prices are final.

3. The customer is obliged to pay the prices of the products he decided to purchase through the store with our approved payment methods,

4. The customer knows and agrees that our payment methods may change at any time as the store deems appropriate and provide security for financial transactions.

5. The Store does not accept any errors in the payment made by the customer, nor does the store be liable as a result of any piracy or fraud on the customer's credit cards or bank accounts.

6. The customer shall bear all bank fees related to money transfers or payment for products.

7. The amounts paid by the customer to the store are final and may not be adjusted in excess or decrease and may only be refunded with the store's consent.

Second: Shipping policy

1. The customer must adhere to the store's shipping policy, which may change from time to time.

2. Shipping is done through our certified shipping companies

3. The cost of shipping within the Kingdom will be different from one region to another, but shipping outside the Kingdom will be at cost, and the store may make offers on shipping operations and the store will bear the cost in this case, and such offers are clearly advertised on the sales page of the product

. 4. Shipping within The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan takes place within 72 hours of the date of the approval of the order submitted by the customer through the store.

5. The customer undertakes to keep the bank transfer receipts that may be required of him during the delivery of the products to him, and he undertakes to sign the receipt of the product.

6. The customer undertakes to inspect the products before signing them from the shipping representative, and acknowledges that his receipt signature is conclusive proof that the products are free of any apparent defects.

7. The store is not responsible for the customer's delay in the delivery of products in the event of any unforeseen emergency such as force majeure, including but not limited to floods, storms, acts of war, public events... Etc.

8. In the event that the shipping company delays delivery of products sold due to force majeure so that it becomes clear that delivery of the products sold is not possible on the specified delivery date, the store undertakes to inform the customer immediately of these circumstances and to provide the customer with a new delivery date.

9. During the delay, the customer's liability for payment is suspended until the circumstances of the force are addressed, and after the circumstances of the force are processed, the payment obligations are completed by the client.

10. If the customer does not receive the products without a convincing reason to manage the store, the products will be refunded and the customer will bear all shipping fees. Third: Refund and replacement policy In order SahMall to provide a customer experience with our products, we allow the customer to request replacement or refund of the products purchased through us, and the refund or replacement process is subject to the following conditions:

1. Refund and replacement period: The customer has the right to request a replacement or refund within 10 days of receiving the order, and the application is made after communicating with us through the channels of communication available through the Store (phone number 0787140402,WhatsApp sign).

2. Replacement or refund for defect in products or non-conformity: The customer has the right to request replacement or refund for a defect in the product or not to conform to the specifications announced through the sales page, in which case the store will bear the cost of shipping.

3. Replacement or refund for a reason due to the customer: If the return or replacement is due to a customer and not to the product, then the customer will bear all the shipping costs back and forth.

4. Check the replacement and refund requests: The store will examine the replacement or refund requests made by the customer in accordance with the previous controls, if the terms of replacement or refund are available in the product, the store will execute the customer's request, but if the request violates the previous replacement or refund terms, the store will not be able to execute the customer's request.

5.    Price difference in replacement: If the customer's replacement request is accepted, the store will take into account the price difference between the producers, if the product to be replaced is higher than the desired product, the store will refund the price difference by the same means of payment, but if the desired price is greater than the product to be replaced, the customer will be obliged to supplement the payment through our approved payment methods. Section 5 Property rights and licences

  First: Copyright

1.SahMall,with all its elements, sections, colors and ideas expressed within it, are pureintellectual property rights to us, and any imitation or quotation of the store or some of its services (including ideas, texts, codes and software) is a violation of our copyright, and we will take all legal action against the perpetrator of the said violations.

2. All content included or available within SahMall store services such as (texts, logos, images, graphics, audio recordings, button icons, digital content, reloaded materials, software and data collection) is owned by the store and is protected by Saudi Arabia's laws and international copyright laws. 3. Collecting all the data included in the SahMall store services or making it available by any of our services is the exclusive and exclusive property of the SahMall  store,  protected by  Jordanian and international copyright laws as well as protected under applicable international agreements,

Second: Brands

1. "SahMall"  and associated logos are our own trademarks and/or service marks.

2. Photos, logos, page heads, button icons, texts and service names are trademarks and commercial designs for the "Orchid Palace" store.

3. It is forbidden to reproduce SahMall branded trademarks or designs in any media or advertising without our written permission.

4. SahMall's trademarks and designs may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not ours, so as not to compromise the amount and credibility of the store or its customers.

5. Any product inside Sahmall is a product that has been added based on the validity of the brand and possession of a certificate of origin

6. International brands are duly available in Sahmall with documented certificates

7. Each product on the Sahmall Site has product details if it is original or counterfeit

Third: Licenses granted

1. We grant you a limited and non-exclusive license to use the SahMall  store, and you are prohibited from waiving this license for the benefit of third parties or subletting third parties without the store's consent.

2. SahMall gives you a license within the limits of non-commercial use of our services, and therefore you are prohibited from using the store or any of its services commercially without our consent.

3. You are prohibited from reselling or any commercial use of any of our services or their contents, you are prohibited from copying the information available through the Store's pages, and you are prohibited from using any tools or software that will collect the data available through the Store or the users' property or do any similar work. 4. You may not copy lists of products for sale through the Store, nor may you copy product names, descriptions, prices or any advertising content related to the products available through the Store.

5. You may not reproduce or make a replica of this store, copy, sell or resell any part of it, or use it differently for commercial or non-commercial exploitation purposes without express written consent from the Orchid Palace store.

6. You may not use any descriptive marks or any other "hidden text" that exploits the name or trademark of the "SahMall" store or trademarks without the express written consent of the store.

7. You are not authorized in any way to post any links to other sites or applications across the Store or through any in-store properties.

8. You may use our services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and you may not misuse our services in any way;

9. All rights not expressly granted to you in these terms of use or any other terms of service held by the SahMall  store, and we are entitled to use them at any time without reference to you. Section 6 Limits of legal liability  

First: the legal scope of our services

1. SahMall acts as an electronic store selling our products, it serves as our advertising tool, through which we publish all information about the products for sale to inform the customer of the specifications on which the purchase is accepted.

2. Advertising for products posted through the Store is a "call to contract" and not a "binding positive", so the contract is signed with the customer if he submits the order, and then we accept this order based on the availability of the "products" place of purchase.

3. SahMall is not an Internet service provider, a shelter operator, or an information content provider, nor is it treated as a publisher of any content posted through the Store or through any online communication feature.

4. SahMall is not treated as a producer, manufacturer or producer, but we act as a retailer for customers, and we provide products to customers with the guarantees provided by our dealers or by the guarantees provided by the producers.

Second: the limits of our responsibility

1. We offer our services "as available", without any undertakings or guarantees of any kind, whether express or implied, relating to the use of this store.

2. The Store will not in any case be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or dependency resulting from the error in product selection or error in bank transfers

. 3. SahMall  does not provide any warranties that this store or its servers, messages sent from viruses or other harmful components are free.

4. SahMall  is not legally liable for any loss or damage sought from the use of this store, including but not limited to direct and indirect damages.

5. It is the responsibility of this user to use or rely on the information received or accessed by the user through the SahMall store services.

6. Acknowledges that SahMall  is an online service, and that although we have made every effort to keep the information safe, we cannot guarantee that the information received or transmitted by the user while using the store is safe at all times.

7. We may at any time modify, suspend or interrupt SahMall's services without notifying you, and we may suspend your use of our services if you violate these terms and conditions or if you misuse these services from our point of view.

8. SahMall, its officials and employees will not be legally liable to you or any other party for any direct or indirect loss or any other cost that may arise from or in connection with the implementation of the Employment Agreement, or in connection with the provision of our services.

9. The user must protect the store and its employees, defend them and compensate them for any losses resulting from any claim or claim relating to the store or resulting from work or negligence by the user, his representatives or agents.

10. While not infringed on its other rights, the store has the right to suspend or cancel your membership or access to the store at any time, without warning and for any reason, without specifying, and can cancel this user agreement.

11. The Store excludes from its guarantees, terms and conditions any financial losses that may be caused to the customer, defamation, or any special damages arising from your misuse of products or store, and the Store does not assume any liabilities or claims in such cases.

Third: User/client legal liability

1. You expressly agree that you are using the SahMall store at your own risk.

2. You must abide by all regulations, regulations and decisions in force within the Kingdom of Jordan in connection with your use of the store, and assume all the responsibilities arising in the event of breach of these regulations, regulations or decisions, as well as all the terms and conditions stipulated in this Agreement.

3. You are responsible for maintaining the use of the store and the products you purchase through it with all seriousness and credibility and are obliged to compensate for any losses or damages that may be caused to the store as a result of any illegal or unauthorized use by us.

4. You agree not to use SahMall  or any service provided by it illegally, fraudulently or anti-social as we value it.

5. You agree not to send any racistly discriminatory messages or assessments that contain insults, slander, profanity, obscene or obscene images, or are generally degrading.

6. In the event that the user violates any of the terms or conditions of this agreement, the SahMall may be entitled to suspend or cancel membership, in which case he is not entitled to register at the store again without express consent from the store.

7. The suspension or cancellation of membership measures imposed by the Orchid Palace store does not undermine the right of the store to take all legal action it deems appropriate at its discretion.

8. You agree to compensate SahMall,  absolve its liability and defence against all claims and claims that may be filed or claimed by third parties as a result of your use of the store, or for violating these terms and conditions or inbreach of the rights of other users.

9. If you violate this user agreement, SahMall  reserves the right to recover any amounts owed to you, any losses or damages you cause, and the store has the right to take legal action or to resort to the competent courts to file civil or criminal proceedings against you.